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Da Dokhtar castle

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The History of the Castle of David

The castle is a great and fortress-like monument that has been renowned among the people of the region from the past by the name of Da and Dur, and is related to the Sassanian era, which is located in the northern part of Ramhormoz in the middle slopes of the gypsum on two hills along which They are built. Both units are circular and circular in shape, which is very similar to the castle architecture in Rome, and is made up of works of Roman remains in the south of the Mediterranean.

Dow Castle is a dignified girl that seems to have been used during the Sassanian days to protect the commercial and military routes of Shosh, Vajar, Isfahan, or to protect the Ramhormoz palaces and caverns, or to control the plots of fields, gardens, fields and grain caches. The Romans have been involved in building or plotting it.


Castle of Khuzestan Province 

Background castle Davudkhatar

In the past, he called the castle "Da and Dor" castle, which means "mother and daughter". Some scholars and ethnographers pointing out the name "Dow and the daughter" on the castle to the extent of women's influence and authority in the lungs of history, and another group believes that the "Dow" of the changed form of the term "Dador" means the judge, but these beliefs They have no solid foundation.

Because the design and architecture of this castle is very similar to the design and architecture of the Roman castles and, given the existence of several other buildings around the castle "Dow and Daughter", it seems that there is another nearby fortress that is smaller and perhaps more secure It is from today's castle that the castle was associated with one that was called the castle of the mother, and the other was the castle of the girl, in military terms, there are such terms and connections that proving this idea require the exploration of archaeologists in This area is.


Architecture and Materials:

Castle Da and a rectangular girl were built in an area of ​​approximately 1,000 yards, so deserted and neglected to repair it all year round, all the roofs were eroded and poured. The western side and the south side of the Castle Dow Girl are strengthened by four sturdy pillars (backs), which is the best idea to prevent further destruction of the castle.

There are about 500 meters of castle factories and gypsum mines, whose explosions, along with many visits from the area, played a major role in the destruction of the castle. The materials used in the castle do not have much strength in the castle, and this also has a significant tire in the development of the destruction process.

In the construction of this great castle, building materials such as stones, gypsum mortars, and in some parts of brick and bitumen, used to make stone from the river "Ala" and rock it from the surrounding mines, located about three kilometers east and north east of the castle. Bitumen, which is bitumen, was transferred from the old mines, three kilometers north of the castle, to the castle. Most of the materials used in the South Tuscany towers are brick.

In the castle castle there is a gypsum that was used as a mortar. From the bitumen on the floor and in the upper parts of the py in the form of layers. Given that the castle at an altitude of about 600 meters on the mountains and its communication routes are very dangerous and dangerous on the north side The castle was designed in a resorts designed to see the main entrance to the castle.

At the first leg, there are around 20 square meters of space, where the remains of the destroyed turret are located. From the tower destroyed to the main castle, there is a 100-meter route that runs from 3 to 4 meters in width, which is built to prevent the gradual collapse and destruction of the walls. The materials used in this stone tower are sandstone. Some of its parts are made of rubble and plaster, which has a strong influence on the strength of different parts of the wall.

From the 10 meters tower to castle, there is a row of plasterboard, stone and bricks in the form of a chamber.


Current status:

The fortress of Daw Dokhtar is not in desirable conditions due to the age and conditions of the area and the materials used and the neglect is subject to destruction, but fortunately, despite all these problems, the fortunes of the castle are again examined. It is noted that an archaeological research project and operational operations in the Daw Dahl castle area are to be planned to clarify its unknown angles. At least, it should be possible to identify the defensive walls, etc., and from the bottom of the fortress of scientific information and Required.


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Khuzestan, 3 km north of Ramhormoz city, Castle Dow Dokhtar

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