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History of Ganjali Khan Collection

Ganjali Khan is the warlord's commander in the Safavid court, who in the year 1005 Shah Abbas Safavi appointed him to the governor of Kerman. During his rule, Ganjali Khan, during the years from 1005 to 1034, made a lot of efforts in the development and development of this city. Ganjali Khan complex is one of the most popular monuments in the city of Kerman, which was built in 1020 AD in Kerman. Architectural architect Yazdi architect Sultan Mohammad was architectural. The area of ​​the complex is about 11,000 square meters, which has a square, and other monuments and works are located in the eastern-western and north-south axes.

Ganjalikhan complex is one of the most important tourist attractions in Kerman city. It includes fields, mosques, baths, bazaar, Sara and other buildings. Other works of Ganjali Khan Collection, School and Ganjalikhan Caravansary, which were built next to the bath and are related to the Safavid period. This work was registered on December 29, 1316 with the number 297 as one of the national works of Iran.

Ganjali Khan Museum


Architecture and feature of this collection:


Ganjali Khan Bath:

Ganjalikhan bath is about 1300 square meters of  the infrastructure area and 26 meters long 30 meters wide. The bathroom has a porch, an entrance hall, a dressing room, a hinged oven, a patio, a hollow dock, a private bathroom, and a tone.

The interior of this bathroom is one of the most beautiful parts that is decorated with simple, indigo and bricks. When we cross the underneath, we get into the bathroom cabinet, which is a small vestibule and portrayed with pictures of sea birds.

The dressing room is the main bathroom. The bathroom cabinet has 6 booths that are connected to the end and each of these stands belongs to a certain class of people.

Because the bathroom has been transformed into an ethnographic museum, wax sculptures have been placed in various bathrooms that depict people from different classes of the society at that time, such as clerics, caretakers, ordinary people, and so on. Sculptures in the bathroom, which were designed and marketed in 1979 by the Faculty of Fine Arts of Tehran.
 Bathrooms, baths, baths for rulers and elders, and the time stone are from the spectacular sections of the Ganjali Khan Bath.

Water supply network to the banks of the Khameneh, their hothouses, ponds and their various fountains, convenient entrance and outlet areas, utilization of the aqueducts, how to heat the bath and keep the heat and anti-earthquake, including the features of the historic bath of Ganjalkhan Kerman.


Ganjali Khan Field:

In the central part of the city of Kerman, other works from the Ganjalikhan collection is a field located on the edge of the big market and has gathered some of the urban elements around the world's role in Isfahan or Mirchkhmaq in Yazd. Located on one of the sides of Ganjali Khan's Square and is seen on the other three sides of the market.
Neighborhood with markets and four levers, and the presence of baths, water storage, mint have completed this collection. Brick arches, tiles, green spaces, water ponds and other spectacular works have multiplied the beauty of the square.
The mosque is located next to the Ganjali Khan building on the eastern side. Its entrance through the vaults of the field is decorated in the interior of the vault with a knot design. The mosque was built in the year 1700. The entire interior of the dome is designed with decorations and decorations that are attributed to the Safavid era.


Mint (Coin Museum):

Located north of the square in the middle of the western market. The place of coinage and silver coins is state-owned and now a variety of old coins are shown to visitors and become one of the most renowned museums of Iran coin.

The middle reaches the western market and has a beautiful curtain with decorations that is related to the Safavid period. In 1029, the moon was built by Professor Abdullah ... Architect. This water tank has a long vestibule and a staircase to the water and its reservoir is located in this part. This place is one of the most prestigious water reservoirs in the city of Kerman in its era.


Ganjali Khan's Sain:

On the eastern side of the building, it is located on the center of it, the lush, beautiful place, built in the year 1007. The building has two floors. On the lower floors of the shops and on the top floor are merchant chambers. The facade of this sculptural tile is mosaic.

The designs of these designs are related to the Safavid period, which is influenced by the art of painting of China and the Mogul. The map of the four-door porch is located on the eastern and northern portions of the porch, and there are decorations of stucco and painting, and in the following periods they open the entrance to the north and south to connect it to the open markets and the felted markets.


Ganjali Khan Market:

The market is designed as a straight line, on both sides of which there are two gates of entrance and exit of the city, namely the gate of the citadel and the gate of the mosque (attorney). The length of the market is about 3 km, which includes caravansaries, yards and tributaries, all of which are in two directions perpendicularly.

A part of Kerman's big market is in the vicinity of the Ganjalikhan complex, including the Ganjali Khan market and the bazaars market. The bazaars market along the financial market is on the northern and eastern side of the Ganjali Khan field, where the mint and water storage are located, and the southern market of Ganjalikhan, which has a bath in the middle of it, forms part of the big market (market order), which is in The streets of the Siraj market are located.


If you travel to Kerman, be sure to visit this collection.
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Ganjali Museum of Kerman



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