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Applications of tower

The tower was built along the Silk Road and is designed to be lit by the height of its high rafters and a guide to the passengers who came from Khorasan to Ray and meet the day in the same place. The needs of the passengers.

According to Professor Manouchehr Arian Dasishmad Khorasani, the same towers and similar towers crossing the annual passage of the year are said in the earthen platform that, by shadowing these buildings and valves that pass through the sun, can be eaten It recognizes that it is located because it has a certain height in the sky relative to the horizon and the particular desire for the geographic direction of the various regions.

This use of the solar tower has been used to read these buildings with the name of the tower.

Ray Town Tower

The tower is designed to be lit up at sunrise on the side of the building, and one of the congresses will light up, and the sun will shine inside it, and about half an hour past the sunrise, half the congress will be lit by the sun, and if it lasts for two hours The two congresses turn on and so on, until the sun is on the meridian of the region and its highest elevation is from the horizon.

at that time the sun is right above the head in the south of the tower, because the doors of the northern tower are actually half Terrain is located at the moment of Azan noon, and in winter, when the sun's height is lower, at noon, the sun from the door The south is right in the middle of the tower.
When the sun sets to the west, congresses on the west begin to turn on.

If half an hour passes from noon, half of the congress will begin to turn out from the west, and if one hour passes, one of the congresses and the congresses will light up so that the sun sets.

Therefore, from the congresses of this tower and its brightness by the sun, it is possible to calculate and determine the amount of time passed from the moment of dawn, the moment of noon, and the amount of time passed from the moment of noon.

Tughroll Tower Plan

Tughrul Tower is one of the works of the Selukhian period that is located in the south of Tehran. The height of this tower, regardless of its cone-shaped dome, which has been destroyed today and is left unoccupied, is about 20 meters.

Some experts believe that the tower has been constructed so that it is clockwise and time can be learned from sunlight on its congresses. The tower was listed in the 147th National Register of Entries in 1310.

The Tugral Tower was first restored in 1301 AH and during the reign of Nasir al-Din Shah. After 1357, the building was desolate and unused until it was restored in 1377 and ended in the winter of 2000.

Toghrol tower Architecture

Architecturally, this tower is similar to Damghan Tower. The area of ​​the Tugrul Tower is 48 square meters and is about 20 meters high. The building has a brick and brick structure, and is cylindrical and has a cylindrical interior. This tower has two entrances, one in the northern part and the other in the south.

In a small wooden house in the middle of the height of the tower, which is closed by a small lock, there is a back in the staircase facing the top of the tower. There is an exterior view around the 24th Congress tower, which, if you stand facing the tower of the tower, looks like a lion looking at you with an open mouth.

The tower's tower stones are very similar to the steps of the tower of the tomb of Aladdin, Varamin.


Buried person inside the tower

There are many differences between experts and historians about the person who was buried in the tower, some of the historians of the tower are considered to be the tomb of Tugril Beig Seljukhi.

This is also stated in the book of the Assembly of the Revolutionary Guards that "Sultan Bik Tugrul died in Shahr-e- It is buried in the tower's place. " Graduated from Sumer, one of Turkey's most famous historians, has mentioned Tugrul's burial place in the Tower of Tugrul Shahreri.

Some historians and historians consider the site to be the site of Khalil Sultan's death, one of the sons of Timur Lange and his wife Shad al-Malik, who were buried in the fifteenth century.

Some have attributed this tomb to Fakhr al-Dawlah Deylami. But with all these interpretations, it seems more likely that this place is associated with a person called Tugrul Seljuk, which most historians and authors believe in.



The history of the tower and its foot in the course of the 700 years of its construction, due to the terrible earthquakes in the area showing the strength of the bonn of this tower. Of course, it should not be forgotten that, with regard to the brick and brick construction, and years passed since the construction of this building It has been restored and restored many times.

This tugral was first restored in 1301 AH and at the end of the thirtieth year of the kingdom of Nasir al-Din Shah. Which was ordered by the king and by his minister Amin al-Sultan and by Abolhassan Khan Memarabashi, and marble tablets were installed on the ceiling.

It rescued the tower from the danger of destruction, but eliminated the elegance of the old and the monument of the Kofi inscription.
After the 1979 Revolution, the building was abandoned for years and was restored in the early 1970s and was restored in the mid-1377 and ended in the winter of 2000. Currently, the building is under the supervision of the municipality of the 20th district of Tehran, and is being carried out in 2 hectares of area and in order to expand the construction of a cultural-lifestyle, library, museum and restaurant.



To visit Tugril Tower, travelers need something about an hour, which is considered to be a travel time and tour trips.

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Tehran Tugrul Tower



Tehran, Shahrery, East of Ibn Baboyeh Shrine, Ibn Babaieh Street

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