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About the Red Dome of Maragheh

The red dome is located in the southwest of Maragheh, East Azarbaijan Province, and is one of the oldest buildings of the Islamic period of the sixth century. Maragheh after Tabriz is the largest city in the east of Azerbaijan, and has long been the capital and has many historical works, including the red dome located on the southwest of the city, which dates back to the Seljuk period and has a square appearance. The arrangement of bricks is very unique in this building. The red dome is one of the most important historical monuments of this city with its superb vegetation for the beauty of the dome. This dome, which has better repaired conditions than other domes of Maragheh, is located on the edge of the city, and there are always many tourists visiting it.


The red dome is related to the Seljuk period, which in the year 542 AH in the style of the architecture of Razi style (a style related to Iran's architecture from the 5th to 7th centuries related to the time of Samanids, Seljuk and Khwarazmshahian) by the governor of Abdul Aziz bin Mahmud bin Saud Yadim The Seljuk period was created by Bannibar Muhammad Bin Bondan ibn Muhsin Memar.

The architecture of this dome is accompanied by the Persian dance, the splendor of the party, and the choreography of Khorasani.

With the start of this building, the era of Razi was completed in Iranian architecture, and this is the turning point and the beginning of the Azeri architecture, which combines brick and tile and the use of tiles in decorating the monuments in Iran from the characteristics of these periods. Red dome is one of the most important monuments of Maragheh and is located in the southwest.


red dome maragheh

This dome, which has better restored conditions than the other dwarves of Maragha, is located on the edge of the city and is visited annually by many tourists. The red dome is the oldest grave of five large graves located in Maragheh, which is famous for the red dome in Azerbaijan.

Despite the fact that there are legible scrolls in the red dome, it is unclear who is buried in the red dome. Red dome is a square structure consisting of a crypt and a main room on a rocky platform and can be accessed by seven rows of stairs. Five steps in front of the platform and the sixth and seventh steps are considered to be the threshold of the port.

The red gonnet is 4 sides, in the inscription on the north side the name and name of the bunny of the dome and the date of construction are constructed and the inscription of the eastern and southern side of the Quranic verses And its western side is the constructive name.

The style of Chinese bricks and decorations used to make this building are very spectacular and beautiful because the combination of turquoise tiles with bricks that are tints of red in the formation of their own structure is very important and admirable. It should be noted that decorations It is not annexed to the body, but is part of its structure.
Brick cutting is one of the most prominent masterpieces of Iranian architects in this period. The red bricks were cut into the pieces they wanted and they put it on the wall, creating a decorative shadow on the wall and a bright illumination.
The side of the east and south of this building is decorated with Quranic verses and the west indicates the inscription of the manufacturer's inscription. The central role lies in the inscription on the Kofi line. The text of the inscription is also carved in bricks, and because it is less colorful than the field, it is well-characterized.


Maraghe Circular Dome

If we want to compare it with the brickwork of the northern part of Iran, we will see that no other decorative furnishings have been used in them. Not in the Dome of Qaboos and the towers of the western Radha, and the Logjam, and the Rescot, and the old scientist, and the forty girls and the tower of the city, there is not even a tangible piece of them.

But following the construction of the dome of Sorkheh Maragheh, it is common practice to use these motifs. And only two monuments of one of the tombs of Yousef Ibn Qusayr in Nakhchivan, whose history dates back to 15 years with the Red Dome of Maragheh, and the other three domes of Orumiyeh, which were not decorated after the red dome; this is because at that time in the small town of Nakhichevan, It did not exist. However, three domes of Urumieh were decorated with a geometric decoration in the brick building with shaved stone, where in this part of Azerbaijan the method of decorating the building was different from other areas, or there was no work there, like Nakhchivan.
Cultural heritage experts believe that this building has been used before the Maragheh Observatory to determine the months of the year and the hours of the day, and the holes created on the sides of the building indicate this. The Red Dome was registered as a national monument in Iran on December 15, 1310 with the registration number 134. There are inscriptions in the red dome of the Maragheh Red Dome, the identity of which is far from clear that the remains were gravestones or tablets. There is a solar clock in the dome area that has historical backwards. This hour has more dramatic aspects.
Urban signs do not show any information about the way to reach the red dome, and therefore tourists are having trouble visiting. There is no bus or taxi on the way to this dome and visitors should go to this dome with a private car or agency. The distance between the dome and the city center is approximately 15 minutes by car. Also, it is not necessary to buy a ticket to visit this building.

Dome Cavern


The Maragheh red dome plan was attached to the attachment.

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East Azarbaijan, Maragheh, southwest of Maragheh, Enghelab Avenue, Khayyam St, Aghalar Boulevard

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