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Hegmataneh city

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hegmataneh hamedan

Herodotus built the city of Diaco and says that it has seven walls, each of which is in the color of one of the planets. This historic city is one of the most spectacular places in the city of Hamedan. Also, many archaeologists consider Iran's widest ancient hill to be the hills of Hegmataneh and consider it the remains of the Kashi, Materi, Achaemenid buildings.

The Hegmataneh hill is about 30 hectares, but now residential buildings are built on it, reaching more than 40 hectares. This oval hill is located on the opposite side of Ekbatan Street.


hegmataneh hill

Diacoe, after he chose Hegmatane to his capital, decided to build a solid castle, in the form of seven empty fortresses. There are royal palaces and treasures inside the seventh castle. He, in imitation of painting the Babylonian palaces, ordered the congresses to cast each castle in a special color. The color of the congresses were the first castle, the second black, the third purple, the fourth blue, the fifth orange, and the inner barren congresses of Simin and Zarin Shahl. The outer wall of the castle was as large as the fence in Athens.

The Shah's palace, built in the last castle, has several rooms and people have also built their homes outside these castles alongside the fort. According to the order of Diaaco, the people of Madad abandoned the small towns in which they lived and came to the capital and built their houses around the castle of Shahi. The Iraniana Encyclopedia cites the founding of Med in 708 BC to Hegmataneh.


Hegmataneh Explorations:

The architecture of the ancient Hegmatane city is the city's architectural and systematic map, which is unmatched among the ancient works. These works indicate an advanced water supply network in the Medieval city. Inside the water supply channels, there was an extension of 3.5 m wide, and their floor, all with square-shaped bricks, was provided.


At intervals of 35 meters between the tributaries, there are two building blocks, each containing a hall, with rooms and storerooms around it. These passages have a width of 3.5 meters and a brick enclosure in a large part of the hill and have a north-easterly direction to the southwest.
In 1983, scientific excavations led by Mohammad Rahim Sarraf led to the introduction of a great city in the heart of this great historic hill. Also, parts of the huge fence of the city has a diameter of 9 and a height of 8 meters. This fence at certain intervals has large towers, which included the old hegemat.


Tablets obtained from Hegmataneh Exploration

The Golden Tablet "Ariaremane", which is named after Darius the first Achaemenid monkey, is 12 by 8 centimeters in size, and has 10 rows in a cuneiform, also held at the Berlin Museum of Germany.

Hegmataneh discovered product

hegmataneh iran

Gold plaque "Ersham", the size of this tablet is 8 by 13 centimeters. The cuneiform plate is from the Achaemenian period, which is currently part of the personal collection of Marcel Vidal Americans.
In 1307, two pieces of the same plate, one Zarrin, which is now in the marble palace museum and the other silver, which is currently kept at the Museum of Ancient Iran, was found.

The cuneiform lines and the content of both writings are also one.The golden cake is called Darius II, which is made of zaranab, and twenty-two rows of cuneiform screwed on it. The Museum of Ancient Iran purchased the tablet that was outside of Iran and is now being preserved in the Museum of Ancient Iran.

Another plate was found containing 29 lines of cuneiform and was purchased in 1331 and is currently available at the Museum of Ancient Iran.
The golden tablet called Ardeshir II, the son of Darius II of Achaemenid, and its dimensions is 13 by 13 centimeters and has 20 rows of cuneiforms carved into pure gold.


Other found objects:

The crust contained in the Xerxes period is of silver and has a crater diameter of 7.5 cm and a height of 12 centimeters.
The silver plate with a diameter of 20 cm from the Achaemenid period that was purchased in 1324 by the Ancient Museum of the plate and is now stored in the Museum of Ancient Iran.
The silver plate or cup is the period of Ardashir I, the Achaemenid period, with a diameter of 26.77 cm, which is now held in Metropolitan New York. On the inner edge of the plate, a long line has been written on the cuneiform whose translation is as follows: "Ardeshir, the great king, the king of lands, the son of <Khashayarshah>, "Khashayarshah" the son of Darius the King of Hakhamanesh, who made this Simin Cup for his royal palace."
The container is made of deep cassettes, with its exterior finish with bumps. These motifs begin at the edge of the container and are repeated in the middle of the bulge. Also, between the bumps and the upper edge, it is repeated in a line of cuneiform in ancient Persian, Babylonian and Elamite languages, and its Persian translation is "Darius the Great Shah".

The diameter of the crater is 18.48 and the height is 10.7 centimeters. This dish is part of the Gorgian collection in New York.
Until now, 8 pieces of golden and simin plaques have been obtained from the discoveries of the Hegmataneh Hills and Persepolis, with five tablets of gold and one silver belonging to the Hegmataneh Hill of Hamedan and only one tablet of gold and one silver of the Persepolis. This shows the historical date of the Hegmatane hill.

Explore the Hegmatane



To view Hamedan hotels with photos and maps and descriptions, see the hotel introduction section.


Hamedan, two sides of Ekbatan Street, historical complex of Hegmataneh city

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