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In 6 km south of Kashan city in a beautiful weather zone, at the end of the current street of Amir Kabir and the village of Fin Minh is the old garden and bath of Finn, which is considered a valuable asset of Kashan.

This garden is one of the oldest Iranian gardens in this area. It is based on the remains of the Safavid period, which was built on the walls of Deylami era.

The buildings in this garden include incoming chalet, Safavid camel in the middle of the garden, Fathali Shah's camel and Shahstani's chamber in the southwest of the garden, a museum in the west of the garden and small and large bathrooms and a library on the west side of the garden.

This building has been attended by both domestic and foreign tourists, including the French Shardin.


fin kashan bathroom

In 1852, Naser al-Din Shah killed his own Amir Kabir Chancellor in the Fein Kashan bathhouse in the Fin Garden. The Finn Garden is over 23,000 square meters and has a central courtyard surrounded by walls, barrows and cylindrical towers. , The Fein Garden, in contrast to many Iranian gardens, is similar to a significant amount of water.
The presence of elements of water and tree, which are living elements alongside the monuments that are the fixed elements and features of the Finish Kashan Garden architecture, have given a dynamic identity to this monument. After the Safavid era, garden buildings, monuments such as the Royal Baths, National Museum, Karim Khani and the Imperial Palace have been added.
This work was registered on December 15, 1314 with the number 238 as one of the national works of Iran, and the global recording of this work, which began in 2007, lasted for several years, and eventually in the winter of 2010, the first phase of registration This work was performed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Some sources of this garden date back to the Albuquerque monarchy. However, most of the historians have attributed the dating of this building to the era of Shah Abbas I, and the designer of the garden is considered by Iran's cultural heritage, Ghiyath-ed-Din Jamshid Kashani. However, some of the university professors recognize the garden designer as a Sheikh Baha'i.


Meaning of Finn

The meaning of Finn is defined as follows: 1. This word is a pine and pin is the term "Terminal" in Persian, since it was the end of the city. 2. The hats that the people of the area were wearing was called Fayn. 3- Two tribes from the Caspian tribes moved from the Siberian plateau to the central plateau, one of the Cossacks residing in Kashan, and the other pins residing in the same area.

National Museum of Kashan:

The National Museum of Kashan, along with the playground of Esfahan Universe and Chehelsotun Palace of Esfahan, attracts the most tourists of Isfahan Province. The complex is located in the garden from 1385 to 1389 and was reopened in February 2010.

Fin Kashan Bath:

There are two bathrooms in the southern part of the Garden of Fine, which is famous for the large bathroom. The two bathrooms are in the form of fur coats. The pool or pool is the place for people to wash. The entrance of both small and large baths is inside the garden.


The walls of the bathrooms are covered with special moisture insulation (sand, lime or sandstone). These baths, apart from their beautiful architecture, have many corridors and corridors. Each of these bathrooms includes portions of the entrance, the hothouse, the waterfall, the hangar, the cleaning area and the cribine (dressing room).

There are channels on the floor of the baths to change the water of the pools and pools.
 Along with the original building of the Garden of Fin, a small bathroom is also part of the works of the Safavid period. Feyn's small bathroom in Kashan is due to the murder of Mirza Taghi Khan, Amir Kabir, the Chief of the Nasser-al-Din Shah Qajar, on January 20, 1230 A solar year.

Also during the Qajar era, Fathali Shah was built a large bathroom. Because the marble pillars and the painted ceiling are superbly designed for use by the commanders and elders of the Great Bathroom Court. Large double room in the large bathroom. The first squirrel, closer to the entrance, has created a beautiful landscape, despite the luminaires on the lattice tiles that open to the garden.

The ponds are in the middle and the route is located on the eastern side of the second valley, which is below the surface of the valley.
The small bathroom is also for the use of the servants. There are also seven old tiles in the bathroom in the bathroom, which are about 500 years old. During the constitutional times, looters plundered all the precious materials of the garden and bathroom. This bathroom is available for public use on some days of the week.


Soleimaniyeh Fountain of Kashan Fine Garden:

There is a blue spring called the Sulaimaniyah Fountain, with about twenty stone rocks in the south of the Garden of Finn. Fine water has always been renowned for its fineness, brightness and irreplaceability, but its source of water is not drinkable because of its high salts.


In the following, the map of the Fin of Kashan Garden is included with its aerial photograph.

Learn more about the city of Isfahan.


Isfahan Province, Kashan, Amir Kabir Street

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