Among the Zagros Mountains is one of the world's largest caves and the only Iranian wetland cave, called Alisadr Cave.

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Alisadr Cave

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Alisadr Cave - Located in Kaboodarahang district of Hamedan
One of the largest caves in the world and the only Iranian wetland cave is Alisadr Cave.
This cave is located in the Zagros Mountains, 75 kilometers northwest of Hamedan, at an altitude of 1970 meters above sea level. Alisadr aqua cave is located at altitudes near the village of alisadr in the city of Kaboodarahang, Hamedan province. It is possible to navigate and visit the cave by boat only.
The best paths to this cave:
1- Hamadan-Lalejin to Bijar (which is new and more appropriate).
2. From the intersection of the three ways of the Nojheh airbase (on the road to Hamedan, Razan)
3. From Hamadan to Saleh Abad.

History of Operation of Tourism from Alisadr Cave:
The people of Ali Sadr village and the surrounding villages were aware of hundreds of years before the existence of such a cave, and used it as a reservoir and barrier for use of water in the summer. Until the onset of the earthquake in Farzaneh on December 22, 1336, creating a gap at the cave floor led to the disconnection of the water of the mirage, and during the next six years, around 1342, the water reached its natural height and entered the cave, and gradually The climbers' foot was opened into the cave and obtained information from the extent and depth of the lake and the length, width, depth and height of the cave.
On June 4, 1355, with the concrete being part of the cave floor, a dry route was created for the march in the cave, and then by equipping the cave with several boats as well as lighting its interior, the ticket for visitors to the al-Asadr Cave was used. Then The establishment of a tourism hotel in 10 Alisadr also facilitated the establishment of tourists. The facilities that are now for the convenience of travelers to the beautiful city of Hamedan are: 1) A guest house 2) Ten wooden wood villas 3) Sixteen sets of suites 4) Fifty tent tents 5) Restaurants 6) Shopping malls and industries Handmade 7) prayer room 8) health service 9) car stop 10) children's playground for green space 11) Mountaineering possibility.

Aliasdar Cave Name:
In the villages' land registers and documents, the name of this ten is Ali Dam, but is mentioned in the birth certificates of Ali Cold residents. In the strange case of the contractor of the village road construction contractor in 1350, in the guidebook of the project, the road name was written by Alisadr, and since then, the name has been named for the village and the cave.
Alisadr Cave Tour:
Ease of use of water channels One of the things that distinguishes Ali Sadr's cave from other caves in the world, and it's easy to go along it and pass through the boat from within them.
Approximately 2 km from the cave is prepared for a visit, which takes between 1.5 and 2 hours in normal and unobstructed view of the cave. It is said that about 16 kilometers from the cave have also been explored.

Cave views:
Visitors are boat trained by a pedal boat that is being driven by a visitor with the tourist guide of the cave. On the passage of lake water that is colorless and odorous and its taste is normal, and no animal life there, its temperature is constant during the year and at about 12 degrees centigrade. The water is so clear that it is well visible up to a depth of 10 meters with ordinary light and unarmed eyes. The results of the chemical tests on it show that in different parts of the cave there are chemical compounds close to each other, and the near-neutral acidity of the bicarbonate water, and because of the presence of calcareous calcium, is unavailable in water.
 After passing through the corridors, the halls, and about 15 to 20 minutes in length, you must get off the boat and walk in the cave. In this episode, along the way, you will see interesting puddings in needles, cauliflowers, umbrellas, flies or branches. The germs are formed due to the unstable combination of chemical reaction called calcium bicarbonate as a result of the combination of rain-droplets and airborne carbon dioxide in air forming a weak carbonic acid and its influence on calcareous soils because it is soluble in water. Inside the thick calcareous layers, they create empty spaces, and the empty spaces have been expanding millions of years and have merged with Mororus. At the top of the stairs there is Stoglomite up to 5 meters high, which is very interesting. In some places, large rocks have been cut from the ceiling. In the next part and below the gable, the depth of the cave is about 130 meters below the ground, but the air flows through the openings. The only creatures in the cave are algae.


75 km northwest of Hamadan, adjacent to Ali Sadr village

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