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Yazd Mosque or Jame Mosque is one of the most valuable artistic heritage and a treasure of Islamic architecture located on the street of Imam Khomeini. The building of the main building of the mosque is known as Alaoddwale Garshasb al-Boyah of the sixth century AH, but the current mosque is related to Al-Muzaffar and the Timurids of the eighth and ninth centuries. From the artistic and architectural advantages of this mosque, you can enjoy the power and tact of exquisite and interesting tiles, long heads, two exquisite tiles to the Kofi line, and the other to a third of the mosaic tile next to the magnificent head, two beautiful minarets and ornaments Tiles, internal walls of the nave and under the dome and outside of the dome. The height of the minarets is about 48 meters and the height of the head is about 24 meters. The Grand Mosque was registered on July 13, 1313 with the registration number 206 as one of the national works of Iran.

The mosque of Yazd is in the form of a vault in the desert, and is built around 100 years and three periods. The main bases of the mosque are the Sassanid and the current mosque building, in terms of architectural style belong to the two periods of the Azeri. The building of the dome of the house belonging to the Ilkhani era and the head of the Rafi Mosque belonged to the time of Shahrokh and the Timurid period. It is renowned for the dome of the dome, the lush and elevated courtyard, and the unique and unique tile. The architectural style of this is Azeri style.

The Grand Mosque of Yazd is important for several reasons: first, the oldest example of the architecture that has been imitated in the religious architecture of the Yazd area during the 9th century AH; it consists of a damask sculpture and a tall rectangular nave. Is. Another important feature of the building is the widespread use of wide arches (arch and tiled) in the nursery, which is associated with tiled mosaics. Another noteworthy point in the building of the Yazd Mosque is the problem of indirect lighting by light reflection of the white plasterboard and walls. Interior and exterior decorations of the dome, the exterior-interior interior of the main porch and its beautiful sanctuary, which are considered important parts of the mosque, are extremely valuable and interesting.


Yazd, Imam Khomeini, at the mosque

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