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Milad Tower is the name of a multi-purpose telecommunication tower, located in an area of ​​approximately 62 hectares, located in the south of Shahrak-e-Wazar and north of Koi-Nasr district, in Tehran's municipality district 2. The tower is 435 meters high, the tallest tower in Iran, the sixth largest telecommunication tower in the world, and the ninth largest tall building in the world.

The Milad Tower, due to its great height and its distinctive appearance, appears almost everywhere in Tehran, and hence one of the symbols of the Iranian capital. In addition to its many attractions, this tower has the most modern and best technology of communication and technology in the world, and its design and architecture has been used by Iranian and Islamic cultural works. In many parts of the tower, designs and drawings have been used that are intriguing with Islamic and Iranian art and culture.

The display of exquisite artistic, historical and artistic works in galleries in the tower to introduce ancient Iranian culture to domestic and foreign visitors, watch the Shahnameh screenings installed on the walls and columns of the restaurant battalion, displaying the main elements of life and legends and The Iranian and Islamic allegories in the dome of the sky, taken from the Iranian culture and civilization of several thousand years, are examples of these historical, cultural and artistic works of the Milad Tower.

The proposal for the construction of a tower and symbolic hall was proposed for the city of Tehran in 1370, and by the end of 1993, the current location was chosen out of the 17 proposed points of its construction.

The construction of this tower was completed in January 1997 after three years of recognition and feasibility studies under the name of Remembrance, and in 2001, on the proposal of the Islamic Council of Tehran, on the occasion of the one hundred anniversary of Imam Khomeini, the Milad Tower was changed.

The construction of this tower lasted 11 years. In the first eight years, only 40% of the tower was completed, but by accelerating the project, the next 60% was built in 30 months.

Tourist attractions, commercial and cultural spaces, restaurant boutiques, special restaurants, open-air and closed platforms, artistic arches, dome of the sky, Iranian Museum of Fame, Coin Museum, Fruit Crete, commercial units, exhibition spaces in the tower building The facilities include the International Convention Center with 15 different halls, dolphin park, cycling track, paintball, six-dimensional cinema, cinema, laser, traditional restaurant and environmental restaurant, including the facilities of the Milad Tower.

The tower of the tower often hosts the performances of Iranian artists, especially at the end of the week.

Milad Tower Restaurant is the largest restaurant in the world, with its animated section every 360 hours to allow visitors to watch Tehran in all directions.

The Milad Tower restaurant is located at an altitude of 276 meters. The restaurant has beautiful and comfortable furniture, and the beautiful design of the floor and the ceiling, along with the wall-mounted wall paintings that depict a picture of Shahnameh, are its visual attractions.

The use of these restaurants is currently available for dinner from 20:30 to 21:30 and from 21:45 to 23:15, which should be addressed to interested parties through telephone number 84361514, as well as organization of group parties and Institutions are also available in these restaurants.

Milad Tower is a multipurpose skyscraper in Tehran, located in the northwest of Tehran. Milad Tower is the tallest tower in Iran, the sixth telecommunication tower in the world. The construction of a tower with 12 thousand square meters of infrastructure is the first in terms of the area of ​​use among all the towers in the world.

The Tehran International Telecommunication Center, which was built to meet Tehran's telecommunication and television needs, consists of four main sections, including the Telecommunication Tower, the International Congress Center, the Five Star Hotel and the World Trade Center.

6 glass elevators on the three sides of the tower, each with a capacity of 25 people, which will move visitors at the top of the tower at an average speed of 7 meters per second.

The tower structure is made of steel and consists of 12 floors with an infrastructure of over 15,000 square meters with a maximum diameter of 60 meters, one of the largest constructions of the world's leading telecommunication towers. The performance of the Ross structure includes a special restaurant and battalion, display platforms, dome of the sky.

The antenna tower is projected at a height of over 120 meters in order to install telecommunication and antenna antennas.

The main functions of the tower are as follows:

Creating and expanding wireless access network

Creating the right infrastructure for new television systems

Optimize radio and television coverage

Meteorological applications and traffic control

Expand and optimize the coverage of wireless and paging networks

Creating tourism attraction and enjoying the tourist, commercial and cultural spaces, restaurant battalions, special restaurants, open-air and closed platforms, artifacts, dome of the sky, Iranian Museum of Fame, Coin Museum, Fate Crete, commercial units, exhibition spaces in the tower building and facilities. Due to the international conference center with 15 different venues, Dolphin Park, cycling track, paintball, six-dimensional cinema, cinema, laser, traditional restaurant, environmental restaurant and ...


Tehran, south of Shahrak-e-west and north of Nasr mount neighborhood

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