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The Museum of Anthropology in Ardabil is located in the historic bathhouse of Aghānaghi (Zahir-al-Islam) in the great Qapu Alley at the beginning of Saddi Street in Ardebil. It belongs to the pre-Safavid period and the second half of the 7th century AH. In addition to displaying 33 types of sculptures with local coverage of the people of Ardebil province, works and manuscripts related to the historical and cultural identity of this region are being collected and presented.

The bath was built by a person named Zahir-ul-Islam during the Ilkhani period and 200 years later sections were added. In the Qajar period, a person named Aghānži Ma'tamman Al Raya has bought and restored the bathroom, which is why the bath is called the two people. In 1999, the solar bath was purchased by the cultural heritage and after the necessary reconstruction, it became the Museum of Anthropology in Ardebil.

The entrance to the Anthropology Museum of Ardebil starts from the dressing room and ends with an octagonal four-arm oval pond, a pivot swing, a shoe, a dome, a gutter, hot water pools and a cold water pool, including the parts of the bathroom, which are currently In different parts of it the old objects are exhibited


Ardabil, the Alighapoo square St. Saadi

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