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The tomb of Sheikh Heydar, the son of Sheikh Jounedh and father of Shah Isma'il I, is located on Bahner Street in northern Meshkinshahr, which was registered on the National Iranian Book List No. 184 in 1311. Sheikh Heydar's Tomb was buried in Baghi, the old Meshkinshahr Cemetery, and in the center The city is located.
The tomb of Sheikh Haydar is from the outside in the form of a rounded tower, and from the inside into a 12-sided, and from the outside in a cylinder with a height of 18.5 m and a diameter of 10.5 m. The inside of the tomb consists of two lower and upper floors, and the entrance door of the crypt is located in the north of the tower, led by a long staircase to a narrow path leading to the crypt. At the entrance and its three windows, it is decorated with gypsum and tiles, and an altar-shaped frame is seen on every side of the building. The grave of Sheikh Haydar lies at the end of the Crypt. The plan of the tower or the upper room is a regular twelve-sided form, each side of which is 20/2 m, and is built up and higher due to the construction of universal grooves at the interior of the tower. The tomb of Sheikh Heydar from outside with tiles of colored turquoise has been added to the Suata of Fatah, as well as the word of Jalal Allah in various forms and with the Kofi lines.
Donald Wilber believes that this building is based on the works of the 7th and 8th centuries of the lunar calendar and completed during the Safavid period. Due to the destruction of the tomb's remains, there is no evidence of the construction of this building.

There are two types of tile in the Sheikh Haydar Temple: one mosaic, decorated in four portico with white tiles and garlic, surrounded by bricks and decorated with bricks, which probably represents a verse of the Qur'an, were erected on it. Architecture of the building or other information about the tomb - was carved with turquoise tiles. Unfortunately most of these entries have not been understood and read. Another type of tile is a combination of bricks and tiles, and is laid out among the coatings of 6-x 6-in-1 colored turquoise coatings, so that these tiles show the brick building with the utmost beauty. Apart from the words of Jalalullah, the Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim and surahs of the Qur'an are also influenced by various forms of geometry with elegance and beauty on the building.

At the entrance to the entrance to the north of the tomb, two flowers of two equilateral triangles and a crescent-shaped circle are engraved on two pieces of gravel, 70x80 cm.

It is said that the ceiling of the tomb of Sheikh Heidar has been a golden ghost that Sheikh Abdul Ghafoor Saman wrote about the activists of the army of Abbas Mirza during the 13-year history of Iran and Russia, in the book on the history of al-Mu'jaj and 'al-Islam about it: "On the 15th of Sha'ban al-Mu'azm Semeh 1218 Hijri, in honor of the bliss of Mr. Seyed Shamseddin, the ruler of the city, visited the holy shrine of Sheikh Haydar. The tomb had a golden dome shining under the sun. The body of this dome is depicted in the lines of "Allah Allah".

But in recent years, Mr. Qouchani, an expert on the country's cultural heritage, has been rewritten on the entrance to the tower, dating back to 731 AH, the Abu Sa'id Bahadur Khan, the last ruler of the Mongol dynasty in Iran. The monument of Sheikh Heydar has been reconstructed and renovated, and is now being used to hold a variety of public exhibitions. In 1380 the Sheikh Heydar Sanctuary was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers, which included three general stages of ownership, restoration and implementation.


Meshgin City, North Bahonar Street

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