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Boushehr Iran

About Bushehr

Bushehr is the capital of Bushehr province, which is considered the 17th province of the country in terms of its area. Due to being located on the border of Persian Gulf, it has export and import of marine, and also has a nuclear power plant and reserves of oil and gas. It is for these reasons that it is highly strategic and economical.

Bushehr city Iran

Bushehr is known as the capital of Iran's energy. Among the names previously recorded in the documents are: Ram Ardeshir, Bokhte Ardeshir, Layan, Rishahr. Bushehr is a 300-year-old that built by Abu Muhayeri, the son of Sheikh Nasirkhan. One of the reasons for this city was the need for Nader Shah to create a port and navy.

The first people familiar with the magazine and magazine in Iran were the people of Bushehr.

On March 18th, they named the Bushehr day.

The examples of the old neighborhoods of Bushehr are: Dehdashti, Shanbadi, Kouti and Behbahani and the military centers of Bushehr are: Bushehr Rvs Battalion and Sheshome Shekari base.

Bushehr has its own distinct sound and display called Bushehr's Center for Broadcasting, which offers 17 hours of program on the Bushehr network every day.

Bushehr city

The area of Bushehr is 22,743 square kilometers. Bushehr city is divided into two central parts and Kharg.

bushehr map

Bushehr population

Based on the census in 1995, the population of Bushehr was 300,352.


Busher Map

Bushehr map


Bushehr Weather


Bushehr has a warm, semi-desert and sultry climate, which can be said that the inner regions have a warm, humid climate and coastal areas with high humidity and weather conditions. Due to the high humidity in the coastal areas, the temperature drop is low in winter and the summer temperatures are rising.


Address of hotel in Bushehr Iran


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Bushehr Airport


Bushehr has an international airport and exception of domestic flights it operates flights to the countries of Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and the countries that are nearby Persian Gulf. The port of Bushehr Airport is one of the three old Iranian airports, including the feature of this The airport can be counted as an airport without accident.

Bushehr food

The local food of Bushehr is very delicious and luscious, which is not much like that of someone who does not like it, such as GHeliye Mahi, shrimp  and Gheymeh Bushehri.


Bushehr Iran Attraction


From the specimens of Bushehr, which can be mentioned: Abanbar Qavam dating back to the age of one hundred and fifty years old, Old-fashioned Rishahr, Bushehr Museum of Anthropology, Golshan Mansion, Armenian Gregorian Church, Saadat School, Esfahani Shrine, Bushehr Cemetery Mansion , Judge's house, Dehdashti mansion, Moshir al-Malek caravansary, Mansion of Bushehr built during the Qajar period.

King Mansion Bushehr

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