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Bandar-Abass Iran

About Bandar Abbas

The capital of Hormozgan province is Bandar Abbas city, which is located in south of Iran and is also known as the largest port in Iran. Harbor Gumburon is one of the oldest names in the city.

Bandar Abbas city

Bandar Abbas is considered to be Iran's largest port and it transits goods through Shahid Rajaee and Bahonar's ports and is also one of the most important strategic and commercial centers in Iran that is located in the Gulf of Persian Gulf and Oman Sea.

Bandar Abbas is located in southern Iran and also in southern Hormozgan province. The city of Bandar Abbas is composed of three eastern, central and western regions.

Bandar Abass Map

Bandar Abbas Weather

Bandar Abbas has a warm and humid climate so that it has warm and dry weather from May to June, and has a warm and humid climate from July to October, and has been in the middle of November to mid-March. The weather is pleasant.


Bandar Abbas language


The language of the people of Bandar Abbas is a port which is one of the dialects of the Persian language, but it can also be seen in Hindi and Arabic, as well as Bandar Abbas with different ethnicities and races, which is why it has a variety of dialects and dialects.


Bandar Abbas population


Bandar Abbas is made up of indigenous and migratory people. Therefore, the precise population can not be determined from this city, but according to a census conducted in 2011, the population of the city of Bandar Abbas has been around 435.751 tons.

Bandar Abbas Airport

Bandar Abbas has one of the six international airports in Iran, most of which are flights to Pakistan, India and the countries around the Persian Gulf.

Bandar Abbas Airport

Bandar Abbas Iran Visiting Areas

The Grand Mosque of Sun Bandar Abbas or the Delgosha Mosque, which is 264 years old.


Mosque Delgosha

The Galedari~ mosque has been planted in 1269 AH.

The Galedari mosque


The Windproof of the "Gap" that is related to the late Qajar era.

The Great Persian Gulf Museum of Anthropology

Bandar Abbas Museum of Anthropology


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