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One of the largest cities in Iran is Ahwaz, which is located in the southwestern part of Iran. The city of Ahwaz is known as the first capital of the book of Iran. Ahvaz is one of the most important cities in Iran.

Ahvaz bridges are among the attractions of Ahwaz city. The first bridge of Ahvaz is the bridge of the Victory, known as the Black Bridge, and is one of the oldest bridge in Ahvaz. Ahvaz white Bridge or Ahwaz Suspension Bridge is the first national bridge in Iran in 1378 and is also the symbol of Ahwaz city.

Ahwaz Bridge


Ahvaz city


Ahwaz is located on the two sides of the Karun River. Therefore, Ahwaz is divided into two parts: East and West, which is located in the western part of Kianpars, Kianabad, Golestan and ..., which is the neighborhood of Kianpars Is known as Ahwaz. In the eastern part of the famous neighborhoods of Ahwaz, such as the neighborhood of Cyrus, the oil town and Olive, there is a worker.

Shushtar mills

Abdul Hamid Market is one of the oldest cities in Ahwaz. The Arabic moslem of Ahwaz is the first Iranian mosque in which the sermons of Friday prayers are spoken in Arabic, and this is the case if the sermons in the Prophet's Imam Khomeini are expressed in Persian language. Another city of Khuzestan province is Shushtar. Zagros Mountains, Shushtar Aquatic Structures.


What is the old name of Ahvaz?

Hormuz Ardeshir, Souq Al-Ahwaz, Nasiriyah or Naseri are among the old names of Ahvaz, but the name of Ahvaz was from the Khuzi or Khuzi people who were native inhabitants of Khuzestan. In 1935  this name was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers.
Ahvaz in terms of marginalization after Mashhad is  second city. Ahvaz is considered as an important crossroads because other parts of the country can connect with land, rail and airways with important ports like Imam Khomeini, Abadan, Mahshahr and Khorramshahr.

Ahvaz population

The population of Ahwaz is the seventh largest city in Iran and also the most populous city of Khuzestan province. According to the official statistics according to the census conducted in 2011, the population of Ahwaz is Nearly one million and a hundred thousand people

Weather in Ahwaz

Ahwaz has a warm and humid climate and is one of the warmest places in Iran. The heat of the city of Ahwaz is such that it leads Iran to further global warming, and the heat is like reducing office hours. After Isfahan and Tehran, the city of Ahwaz is the most polluted and day by day the air pollution of the city of Ahwaz is increased, and the reason for this pollution is also the phenomena that come from the Arabian desert and south of Iraq to Iran, which is because In some places there is no vegetation, and also lack of rainfall.


Ahwaz native culture

Eid al-Fitr is one of the most important festivals in the city of Ahvaz, with its several days of holidays. Among the Ahvaz city ceremonies that have arrived in Iran's national register. coffee and coffee ceremony is based on the culture of the Arab people of Ahvaz city, which, as a cultural symbol of the Arab people of Ahwaz, receives its guests and is part of the customs of Ahwaz people. The Ahwazi Arabs wear a shirt called Deshdasheh, a long white shirt, and a cloth called Chafiyah, which holds on a head with a black ring called AGal.

Karoon boat


Ahwaz geographic location


Ahvaz is located in the center of Khuzestan province and also in the plain section of Khuzestan province. It is 12 meters above sea level. It has very little vegetation, and even vegetation is lacking in some places.

harvest Ahvaz dates

Ahwaz area

The largest city of Khuzestan province is Ahvaz city, which has an area of 20,477 square meters and only 6923 square meters of its area is located in the urban area.


Ahwaz airport

The international airport of Ahwaz is located in the southwest of Ahwaz, and there are several airlines including Iran Air Tour, Mahan, Caspian, Kishire, Farsair, Qeshm Air.


Souvenirs and traditional food of Ahvaz

From souvenir samples of Ahvaz city that can be mentioned: dates, wrappers and beautiful local clothes of Ahwaz.
Among the traditional foods of the city of Ahvaz, which can be mentioned: Bakhtiari kebab; Emgesht which are the same fish, with the exception that they are used in a fish model, dried and passion;Mofattah , Breads with beef or sheep .dates and fish are found on the table of inhabitants of this area. It is served in a large bowl like a tray, as well as other foods from the city of Ahwaz. They are diverse marine foods such as fish honey, salmon fish and Hashoo .

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Ahwaz Historical Works

Saraye Ajam is one of the most spectacular places in Ahwaz city that has its own architecture.
The House of Dadras is a registered building from the Qajar period.
Sabat nearby Moein El-Tajar, the remains of the Qajar period.
Other historical monuments of Ahwaz city, which have been registered in the National Register, are Moin al-Tajar, which is considered important in the old textural city of Ahwaz. Other works include: Nafisi's house, Chaharshir Square, Shadravan Dam, Shapur High School, Eight Bangle, residential houses of the railway, Faculty of Literature, which is one of the buildings of the Pahlavi era, Kowshan Hamidieh, Primary school, spinning and weaving factory, Ahvaz silo, House of Mother.

Top view of Ahwaz

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